By now you’ll have noticed our new corporate website and ‘microsites’ for the National Construction Code (NCC), WaterMark and CodeMark Schemes.

The  sites come with greatly improved functionality such as enhanced search ability, a new resource library and a reorganised information architecture, allowing you to access what you need quicker and easier. 

To help you navigate the new sites, we’ve collated some tips on their functionality and structure.


The new ABCB website comes with a range of features. From the home page, you can navigate quickly to the microsites and the external NCC CPD site using the useful links under each logo.

You can also navigate to the microsites using the site links at the top left hand side of the site.

From the home page you can also see our latest news and events (formerly known as Latest Updates or Connect articles), resources and consultations. These parts of the website have their own sections and are also available from the main menu.

Resource library

Another exciting feature of the new ABCB website is a user-friendly resource library.

It features newly introduced categories so you can easily search by the type of resource you’re looking for. You will find the categories by hovering over the resource library drop down menu from the main menu of the ABCB site. So if you’re looking for all ABCB Standards, you can select ‘Standards and protocols’, and there you will find all published ABCB Standards and protocols.

In the near future, we will be adding functionality to the resource library so you can filter and refine your results within each category. This will make it simple to refine your collection of resources.

If you know exactly what you are looking for or are unsure about the category of resources you want to browse, you can simply search for the resource using a search. Our new search is powered by Google, meaning you can type in a keyword, multiple keywords or an exact resource title and it will find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately.

To further enhance your experience, each microsite features a resource library tailored to the site’s subject matter. So if you’re on the WaterMark site, the resource library will only show WaterMark related resources.

To view our entire suite of resources, navigate back to the ABCB resource library.

NCC Online

The NCC Online microsite comes with many new and updated features, making for a much more user-friendly experience.

While there are many more exciting features being rolled out in the coming months, let’s look at the current functionality.

Where do I find the editions?

The NCC Online microsite offers several options for accessing the current edition of the NCC (2019 Amendment 1):

  • directly from the NCC Online home page
  • by selecting a Volume in the main menu bar, or
  • via the NCC Editions page from the main menu.

The NCC Editions page allows you to view the current edition of the NCC Online. All editions of the NCC dating back to 1988 can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the coloured icon for the required Volume.

The new site also comes with different sections for practitioners, consumers and those wanting to access our range of NCC education options. You can also propose a change to the NCC from a new, dedicated menu item. 

Mobile-first policy

Accessing the NCC Online on your mobile device is now easier than ever.

The website has been designed with a ‘mobile-first’ policy, so practitioners can access the code from their mobile, tablet etc. from any location.

This is just the first phase of our on-going commitment to delivering a useful and practical NCC Online. In the coming months we will be rolling out more mobile-specific features and enhancements, as well as improving the mobile experience.

Where do I find the Guide?

The Guide content for Volume One is available on the right hand side of each clause title in the NCC Online. To make The Guide content appear, simply click the ‘Guide’ button and the relevant Guide content will appear in a pop-up box.

What’s next?

Over the next few months, the ABCB Office will be refining the user interface based on user feedback, and in line with our overall vision for a modern and user-friendly NCC Online. The NCC Online is a key focus for the team, with the future looking exciting for this essential offering.


The new WaterMark microsite focuses on the practical aspects for practitioners and WaterMark Conformity Assessment Bodies. It also comes with a dedicated section solely for consumers, highlighting the importance of always making sure you LOOK for the WaterMark before purchasing a plumbing or drainage solution, or having it installed by a professional.

The ‘About’ menu item provides helpful information about the Scheme, such as how it works, the Scheme history and you’ll also find the WaterMark specific resource library there too.

Product Database

The updated Product Database featured on the WaterMark home page allows you to quickly and easily check a product.  It also features an advanced search function to enable you to find exactly what you are after.

Practitioners and Consumers

Like the NCC site, we have created separate sections for practitioners and consumers. These can be found from the main menu of the WaterMark site. These pages act as a one-stop-shop with tailored content, news, resources and tips, such as what practitioners should know about talking with customers in relation to the WaterMark Scheme.

The WaterMark microsite also contains direct links to WaterMark consultations, streamlining your experience providing comment on WaterMark specific materials, such as proposed technical specifications.


The new CodeMark microsite also provides a user-friendly and tailored experience for practitioners.  

Scheme Rules

One of the useful features of the new CodeMark site is the easily accessible ‘Scheme Rules’ page, which can be found by hovering over the ‘About’ on the main menu on the homepage. The About section also contains the CodeMark specific resource library, the Scheme history and how it works.

What's next?

The ABCB Office is dedicated to ensuring that your online experience is the best it can be.

The new sites are just the start. We have a whole range of new features and improvements in the works, and we look forward to sharing these with you over the coming months. We will continue to provide updates on these site enhancements through articles like these, as well as through our social channels.

If you have a great idea for future enhancements to any of the new sites, please feel free to let us know.