The Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) is committed to ensuring practitioners of all experience levels can understand and apply the code. To support you in your job and education, the ABCB regularly produces resources such as news articles, videos, infographics and case studies.

Here you can search the resource library by the topic you’re interested in, your profession or by a specific resource name. Each of our sites has it's own resource library which focuses on topics specific to that site. Hence, NCC-related material is collected in the NCC Resource Library and so forth. And if there’s something specific you would like to see made into a resource, please feel free to get in touch.

Preview Certificate of Conformity (Not for Official Use)

A pdf/image of the Certificate of Conformity (CofC) template is available for download. This is a preview of the template only.

CodeMark Protocol for the Assessment of Products against BCA Performance

This protocol describes how CodeMark Australia Certification Bodies (CBs) must assess products for conformity with the Performance Requirements of the BCA under the CodeMark Australia Scheme Rules.

The CodeMark Australia Scheme Rules

The CodeMark Australia Scheme Rules contain information about the administration and operation of the CodeMark Australia Scheme for certification of building products.

CodeMark Australia Information Brochure

This information brochure provides a summary of relevant information regarding the CodeMark Australia Certification Scheme

Information required on a Certificate of Conformity

This document provides direction for CodeMark Certification Bodies to follow when issuing Certificates of Conformity (CofC) under the CodeMark Australia Scheme using the CofC template.

CodeMark Australia Certification Framework

The CodeMark Australia Certification Framework outlines the relationships between the parties and instruments in the CodeMark Australia scheme.