NCC 2022 is now here! The ABCB has released the first stage of the 2022 edition in ‘Preview’ to get you started before it comes into effect.

Two Stage Preview

Development of the 2022 edition of the NCC was split into two stages.

Today, the ABCB publishes the first stage of NCC 2022. This release is a final version of NCC 2022, covering all three volumes, two new referenced standards and most of the amendments to the NCC.

However, users will note the energy efficiency and condensation management provisions are blank. These are still being finalised and will be included in the second stage release. The second release will be a complete final version of the NCC in its entirety (including energy efficiency, condensation and variations). It’s scheduled for August 2022.

When does the NCC come into effect?

States and territories agreed to delay the adoption of NCC 2022 until 1 May 2023. This date will be accompanied by transition periods for some requirements.

We acknowledge the significant amount of change associated with NCC 2022, particularly with key changes like the introduction of the new livable housing requirements, and the new residential energy efficiency and condensation mitigation requirements.

The ABCB is working with all governments on a coordinated transition plan, to explain when each of these changes will be made mandatory under state and territory legislation. We expect to provide further advice on transition periods in August 2022.

Will there be further exemptions or variations made to the NCC?

Each state and territory will bring NCC 2022 into effect in their own time and manner using their own regulatory regimes. The states and territories may choose to expand, remove or vary the NCC.

Governments are still considering what aspects of NCC 2022 to adopt, alongside what transitional arrangements to put in place.

This means the first stage of NCC 2022 only shows the national requirements (i.e. not the NCC 2022 state and territory variations). The state and territory content in the first stage reflects NCC 2019 content.

The second stage release of NCC 2022 will be a complete and final version, including state and territory variations.

What’s next?

This timeline shows when you can expect the ABCB to release the next stage of NCC and integral referenced documents.

Energy Efficiency and Condensation

The second stage of NCC 2022 includes changes to energy efficiency and condensation mitigation requirements, after governments consider them in July 2022. We expect a preview of these amendments in late August 2022.

Further information about corresponding changes to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) can also be found on the NatHERS website.

Where can I find out more?

NCC 2022 will initially be available to download from NCC Online as a pdf only. The online version will be available shortly thereafter.

Printed copies of NCC 2022 will be made available for sale from our commercial providers later in the year, once the second stage of the NCC is finalised.

The ABCB and others will also release guidance to support NCC 2022 throughout the year.

If you’d like more in depth information about the changes, you can also attend the ABCB’s 2022 NCC Seminars:

Additionally, ensure you keep your communication preferences up to date so you receive further information concerning NCC 2022 and the release of supporting material.