Early this month, Building Ministers met in Sydney to discuss a range of issues – including the challenges facing the construction industry, the need to prepare our future buildings for a changing climate and the future work program of the ABCB. You can read the Communique from that meeting here.

Business Plan 2023-24

One of the items Building Ministers considered, and approved, was our Business Plan for 2023-24. While we continue supporting industry with information and education to assist with the implementation of NCC 2022, we have also commenced work on key projects for the next edition of the NCC. These projects include the next stage of Commercial Energy Efficiency, further improvements on Condensation Mitigation, more support for EV charging and a new focus on Improving the Adequacy of Female Sanitary Facilities.

Stakeholder Forum

In previous messages, I’ve highlighted the Board’s efforts to make more information available about our work. Over the next month, we hope to announce the next stage of our improvements in accountability and engagement – our new Stakeholder Forum. We plan to hold 2-3 of these events each year, creating an opportunity for any person or organisation interested in our work to speak directly to the Chair and CEO. The first event will be held in Canberra, with future events held in different cities, usually around the time of a board meeting. Watch our news items for updates.

That’s it for this month…