The CodeMark Certification Scheme is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme, administered by the Australian Building Codes Board.

It supports the use of new or innovative building products in specified circumstances in Australia, by providing a nationally accepted process for demonstrating compliance with the National Construction Code.

Latest Resources

Consultation Report This report documents, in summary form, stakeholder feedback on the Accessible Housing Options Paper.

Final (Decision) RIS This Final (Decision) Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) considers scalding injuries and fatalities under the current inconsistent application of the requirements for tempering

Regulation Impact Statement for decision In May 2020, the ABCB agreed to include in the Governing Requirements of NCC 2019 Amendment 1 of the NCC a process for the development and documenting Perfo

This protocol outlines the 'regulatory gatekeeper' processes undertaken by the ABCB when considering proposals to change the NCC.

This report provides commentary on the cost implications of the proposed Deemed-to-Satisfy provision for the requirement of covered balconies to be sprinkler protected.

This final decision Regulation Impact Statement considers a further five proposals that were developed with assistance of the Emergency Egress Forum.

Final Decision RIS This final decision Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) analyses the likely impact of adopting the proposed BCA amendments into the BCA to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls

For information This is a an information statement released by Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand relating to the public release of the statement of outcomes Findings on Changing Risk

This Advisory Note relates to the application of the DTS Provisions for energy efficiency in NCC Volume One for fans.

This infographic outlines the work undertaken to complete the comprehensive package of measures to improve fire safety in high rise buildings.

Provides guidance on the technical basis of the NCC requirements for the energy efficiency of multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

Performance Solution scenario This Performance Solution Scenario has been developed to assist building practitioners in formulating Performance Solutions concerning energy efficiency.

Performance Solution scenario This Performance Solution scenario has been developed to assist building practitioners in formulating Performance Solutions using the Green Star - Design and As Built

Understanding the NCC Understanding the NCC, Building classifications provides information for all users about the grouping of buildings as they are referred to in the NCC.

This paper is concerned with the introduction of new sound requirements to the BCA, Part F5.

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 2) This report, Fire Performance of Exterior Claddings, was undertaken to investigate the fire safety performance of exterior cladding materials and the suitability

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 4) This Technical Report, Smouldering & Flaming Fires - an Experimental Program, involved the development of a Fundamental Model, incorporating engineering, ris

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 6) This Technical Report, Simulated Shopping Centre Fires in Retail Buildings, was aimed at studying the factors affecting fire safety in shopping centres with the

Provides an overview of condensation in residential buildings, and discussions about why condensation risk, and occurrences of condensation and mould may be increasing within current Australian res