The CodeMark Certification Scheme is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme, administered by the Australian Building Codes Board.

It supports the use of new or innovative building products in specified circumstances in Australia, by providing a nationally accepted process for demonstrating compliance with the National Construction Code.

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Recommendation 5 - The model terms of reference has been developed for state and territory consideration and implementation as the basis for an intra-jurisdictional coordination committee of buildi

Recommendation 4 - This model guide on evidence of experience for building surveyor registration has been developed for state and territory registration authorities to consider and implement.

Recommendation 3 - This model guidance, developed for state and territory consideration and implementation, sets out the key principles for regulating continuing professional development (CPD) on t

This table lists the work streams and projects of the Building Confidence Report Implementation Team.


This document provides direction for CodeMark Certification Bodies to follow when issuing Certificates of Conformity (CofC) under the CodeMark Australia Scheme using the CofC template.


This Notice provides advice about the forthcoming limitation to the allowable content of lead in certain plumbing products.


This infographic gives an overview of the project timeframes and working group participants for the NCC 2022 energy efficiency project.

This Deed, completed by the developers of a WMTS, provides confirmation to the Administering Body that all intellectual property rights within the WMTS are assigned to the ABCB.

Assists in the assessment and management of the risk of condensation and its consequences.


Provides guidance on building related issues on sites prone to landslide hazard.


Provides guidance to use the ABCB Standard for buildings in flood hazard areas.


Provides guidance to use the Fire Safety Verification Method (FSVM) for buildings in NCC Volume One.


Provides guidance to develop or approve a scope of proposed remedial work to upgrade an existing building for multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings.


Provides guidance on facilitating access to buildings for telecommunications services.


Provides guidance to use the NCC indoor air quality (IAQ) Verification Methods.


Provides guidance to use this Verification Method in NCC Volumes One and Two.


Provides an understanding of the provisions in the ABCB Standard for Construction of Buildings in Flood Hazard Areas. Offers additional advisory information outside the scope of the Standard.


Provides practitioners with sufficient knowledge to successfully apply energy efficiency requirements for residential dwellings.


Contains contemporary information for the fire safety design of buildings. Provides guidance to fire engineers on analysis and evaluation strategies of a project.


This supporting documents assists in understanding the focus of changes being considered for the 2022 version of the National Construction Code (NCC 2022) in regards to: